Gatehouse Gin – An Exciting New Scottish Craft Gin

From Our Gardens, to Your Glass – Gatehouse Gin

With a backdrop of spectacular mountains, glens, lochs and rivers, the luxurious CLC Duchally Country Estate is conveniently located right in the heart of Perthshire. In partnership with Strathearn Distillery, CLC Duchally Country Estate is proud to launch the new Gatehouse Distillery – a meeting of minds which has produced an elegant new drink, Gatehouse Gin. Based on a blend of local botanicals, many of which are grown on the estate, Gatehouse Gin captures the essence of its extraordinary surroundings.

The multi-award winning hotel and luxurious lodge resort of CLC Duchally Country Estate enjoys 27 acres of private parkland and gardens, home to the juniper bushes used in the making of Gatehouse Gin. The Estate’s restaurant, Monteaths, is a celebration of fresh, locally-sourced produce and regional flavours, and this celebration is reflected in the development of this new Scottish gin. The Whisky Bar, stocked with 50 different whisky varieties, is proud to include Gatehouse Gin on its menu.

A Unique Experience For Guests

Each distillation of Gatehouse Gin produces just 50 litres, affording the makers greater control over their ‘ginnovating’ craft. The still, or distillery, is located at the Gatehouse, where it is creating a unique experience for guests, who can design and distil their very own bottles of gin, or simply enjoy summer tastings in the botanicals garden.

Available to Buy

50cl and miniature bottles of Gatehouse Gin are available to buy via CLC Duchally Country Estate.

50cl____  £33.00
Miniature (10cl)____  £8.50
Branded Gin Glass____  £8.00


Strathearn Distillery

Strathearn Distillery is Scotland’s original craft spirits distillery, and focuses on the careful, hand-crafting of spirits, from distillation through to bottling. The passion and skill that goes into the making of their spirits is reflected in the smoothness and intensity of their flavours.

The design process, carried out by Strathearn Distillery founder, Tony Reeman-Clark with Russell Wallace and Zak Shenfield, was in itself, exciting and ‘ginnovative’, as apples, rosehips, gooseberries and even thistles were explored in the search for a distinctive flavour that would make this Scottish gin stand out.

Finally, it was the signature ingredients of juniper, grown on the CLC Duchally Country Estate, red sweet apples and gooseberries that the team selected, resulting in Gatehouse Gin delivering a sweet and refreshing hit to the palette that’s ideal as an aperitif with tonic water, either for a special occasion or as an everyday treat.

Make it, Taste it – Gatehouse Gin

To ensure the ingredients of this Scottish gin remain home-grown, a small botanical garden of apple trees, juniper and gooseberry bushes has been planted on the CLC Duchally Country Estate, with more botanicals, plum and apple orchards to follow.