Barbary apes have been running rife on the famous Rock of Gibraltar, off the Costa del Sol, and now 30 of the most mischievous have been deported to Scotland!

The ‘marauding macaques’, as local press in Spain has dubbed them, have run riot raiding bins and stealing food, even burgling homes and attacking people. Gibraltar’s environmental agency identified the ‘worst offending’, 11 males and 19 females, and has sent them packing to Blair Drummond Safari Park, near Stirling.

These apes are lucky because otherwise they could have been culled, due to the serious level of nuisance and concern they were causing to residents. Gibraltar’s macaques are a huge tourist attraction on the Rock, but there are still about 200 living there.

Gibraltar’s band of bandits range in age from six months to 20 and were flown to London first, before completing the more than 1000 mile journey by land. From March 2015, the public will be able to watch their antics in a drive-through section of the park.

But don’t worry about them adapting from a sunny climate to a somewhat chillier one. Their new home is a heated house in a 2.5 acre enclosure with plenty of trees – and a swimming pool. Who says ‘crime doesn’t pay’!

CLC Duchally Country Estate is just 21 miles from Blair Drummond Safari Park, should you care to call on them and see how they are getting on next year.