Each person has a special place in the world, a little corner where they escape to every once in a while to find peace, tranquillity, emotions or anything else that makes them feel better.

Regardless of whether you have one or not, there is a very special place in the world with thousands of fascinating points, corners, trails and routes that is a gift for the senses, and that place is called Scotland.

From Loch Lomond to the monumental Glenfinnan, crossing the well known Callanaish Stones on the Isle of Lewis or wandering through the spectacular Glen Coe, the truth is that nobody can be left indifferent after trying one of the many Scottish routes available.

If you prefer urban surroundings, Edinburgh is a city with great architectural variety and is not to be missed.  And don’t forget the hustle and bustle of the city’s pubs and the nightlife.

But it’s the Highlands, without any doubts, where the true sense of Scotland lies.

There are many itineraries that take can take up to a few days where, for example, you can admire the beautiful sunset on the magical Isle of Skye with its incredible myths and legends or walk in the woodlands of Perthshire, full of rivers and mountains or jump on one of the mst famous steam trains in the world, The Jacobite. The train crosses the magnificent Glenfinnan, and was used by Hollywood in the Harry Potter movies.

The CLC World Resort Duchally Country Estate will give you the opportunity to enjoy these routes through Scotland and much more thanks to its privileged position in the Perthshire Countryside, very close to many beautiful attractions.