Perthshire Police have issued a warning to members of the public as the result of an increasing number of ‘skimming’ devices – designed to read cash and credit card details without the knowledge of the cardholder – have been found to be operating at cash machines across the county.

Criminals have clearly been working flat out in the busy run up to Christmas and Auchterarder – the village closest to CLC Duchally Country Estate resort – has been one of the affected locations, with four separate devices reported since September.
One of these incidents has already led to an arrest and another of the machines was identified and removed before any damage could be done.

Skimming devices are designed to appear as if they are a genuine part of the ATM equipment and are difficult to identify to the generally unsuspecting public eye.

Before attempting to withdraw their cash, users should pay particular attention to the make-up of the ATM and if they suspect that anything is strange or unusual – particularly if it looks like an ‘add-on’ or an ‘insertion’ – it should immediately be brought to the attention of the police, the bank or the retailer in question.

In the light of this warning,  guests who are due to visit CLC Duchally Country Estate during December and into the New Year are advised to be extra vigilant when using ATMs.