As every Scot will know, St Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland celebrated on his feast day, November 30th, an official national day.

But did you know he is also patron saint of Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Romania and even the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople? No matter, all you need to know is to ‘get yersel’ doon’ to CLC Duchally Country Estate where we have a special dinner and entertainment on 3 nights!

Whether you reserve a table on the 30th, or December 1st or 2nd, there’s a delicious menu on which you’ll find tempting choices such as traditional Scottish dish Cullen Skink tartlet, chargrilled Angus Beef and CLC Duchally Country Estate’s speciality Trio of Toffee dessert. Excellent value at £30 per person with a dram of whisky included!

There’s a strong Scottish flavour to the entertainment too as you might expect with folk singer John Davidson on the first night, followed by Tarneybackle folk band on the Saturday and ending with singer Sandy Marshall on the Sunday.

Around Europe, many superstitious beliefs surround the night before St Andrew’s Day, connected to magic and marriage divination or in Poland deciding a future husband’s profession by pouring hot wax through a keyhole into cold water! None perhaps quite compares with Austria where young women would drink wine, perform a St Andrew’s prayer spell while nude and kicking a straw bed.

In Scotland they prefer the more traditional kind of party and the country will explode with events on this important day. Be sure to be enjoying St Andrew’s Day with us by booking your table today. Call (0)1764 663 071