Europe’s largest independent resort operator that grew from Club La Costa

It’s more than 30 years since the company, then known as Club La Costa, fast rose to become one of the most respected names in holiday shared ownership. Along the way, the company has expanded and developed a product range designed to suit the holiday and property-owning ambitions of families, with both fractional and freehold options offered along with a programme of leisure sales.

Worldwide expansion, with resorts now in 6 countries including the USA, led to the company being rebranded in 2013 as CLC World Resorts & Hotels. The company story began, however, with Club La Costa’s first apartments, just 10 in all, at Las Farolas resort on the Mijas Costa, Spain. These were soon followed by more at Marina del Sol, developed as a macro resorts’ site, and also Benal Beach in Benalmádena.

The rapid growth of Club La Costa World in Spain, and the introduction of a sophisticated holiday points system which has proved immensely popular through its Vacation Club, saw the company purchase resorts in Scotland, Tenerife, Turkey, Austria and Cornwall.  At its main site in Spain, its luxury California Beach brand was brought to prominence with Santa Cruz Suites and San Diego Suites, and in 2007 the Club La Costa Yacht Club was born for stylish holidays afloat.

Club La Costa World’s reputation for high standard apartments and award winning resorts, stimulated a demand for outright ownership from members who wished to own second homes on ‘CLC’ resorts. Hence the company formed its homes division which operates as CLC Estates. Resort based properties have been sold in Scotland, Cornwall, Spain, Turkey and the USA.

From Club La Costa’s small start in 1984, the company today: CLC World Resorts & Hotels continues to expand its portfolio which currently comprises 32 resorts. The original Club La Costa company mission to deliver memorable holiday experiences serviced to standards that consistently exceed customer expectations, continues to be the guiding mantra.

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