The clock is counting down for the UK cinema release of the critically acclaimed new James Bond movie Skyfall – which opens on October 26.

And this latest 007 outing should stir even more interest in Scotland as an outstanding holiday destination, featuring as it does the scenically wonderful locations of Glencoe and Glen Etive in the Scottish Highlands.

Also starring Daniel Craig, Skyfall marks the 50th anniversary of the super spy franchise and is not the first Bond to have found inspiration from locations in Scotland.

Other big cinema releases too have been set in Scotland including 2 Highlander movies: Braveheart and Rob Roy. Even right back to The 39 Steps in 1935 you’ll find Scottish scenes, and many others captured on celluloid in-between.

Glencoe played host to Hagrid’s home with the magnificent and atmospheric landscape of rugged hills and forest creating magical settings in the more recent Harry Potter title: The Prisoner of Azkaban.

In real life, there is a bloody history that belies the peace and grandeur of the glens with their high peaks, waterfalls and lochs making the area popular with walkers, climbers and anyone who loves outdoor pursuits.

Glencoe’s feuding clans of old pitched neighbour against neighbour, and in 1692 up to 40 MacDonalds were massacred on the orders of King William III by the soldiers they had just given hospitality to for 10 days!

One of the country’s most historic and scenic glens, Glen Coe is internationally famed. The road leads on to spectacular and remote Glen Etive and Loch Etive, and a visit here would be a memorable part of any Scottish holiday – with or without the Hollywood lustre!

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